PFPEs are perfluorinated chemicals representing the best choice when aggressive chemical environments, high temperatures or wide working-temperature ranges are involved. They are engineered for those applications where heat, chemicals, solvents, corrosion, toxicity, flammability, and service life present problems. While our PFPE products can be used in chemical, electronic, semiconductor, aerospace, military, nuclear, data processing, and other industries in need of high performances.
In addition, PFPEs can also be customized according to customer needs within the molecular weight range of 1000-16000.

Key Benefits
√ Environmentally safe, Zero ozone depletion potential;
√ Non–toxic behavior;
√ Excellent thermal resistance, Non-flammable, No volatile organic chemicals, Low evaporation loss, can be used up to 300℃;
√ Unmatched chemical and solvent resistance, Inert to liquid and gaseous oxygen;
√ Non–reactive with metal, plastic, elastomers and rubber;
√ Good viscosity index;
√ Extremely wide operating temperature range;
√ Excellent electrical resistance, etc.

  • PFPE Lubricants
    Name:  PFPE Oils
    CAS No.:  60164-51-4
    Catalog No.:  PFPE
    Applications:  Lubricants, Vacuum Pump Oils
  • PFPE Fluids
    Name:  Low MW PFPE
    CAS No.:  60164-51-4
    Catalog No.:  PFPE
    Applications:  Heat Transfer, Testing Fluid, Solvent
  • PFPE Alcohols
    Name:  Hydroxyl
    CAS No.:  90317-77-4
    Catalog No.:  PFPE-OH
    Applications:  Lubricants, Intermediates
  • PFPE Acids
    Name:  Carboxyl Acids
    CAS No.:  51798-33-5
    Catalog No.:  PFPE-COOH
    Applications:  Surfactants, Intermediates
  • PFPE Salts
    Name:  Carboxylate salt
    CAS No.:  ---
    Catalog No.:  PFPE-COOM
    Applications:  PFOA Replacement, Surfactant


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