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Applications for PFPE Lubricants

PFPE lubricants are perfluorinated chemicals representing the best choice when aggressive chemical environments, high temperatures or wide working-temperature ranges are involved. They are engineered for those applications where heat, chemicals, solvents, corrosion, toxicity, flammability, and service life present lubrication problems. While our PFPE products can be used in chemical, electronic, semiconductor, aerospace, military, nuclear, data processing, and other industries in need of high performance lubrication.


Mechanical & Structural Components

PFPE is an ideal lubrication solution for Mechanical & Structural Components. They are high performance perfluorinated polyether lubricants having exceptional properties such low evaporation weight loss, low noise, high viscosity index, anti-wear properties, no carbonized residue formation, very long lubricating life at high and low temperatures.

√ Chemical Industry
PPFE lubricants have unmatched chemical and solvent resistance, they are inert to liquid and gaseous oxygen, and can withstand acids and other aggressive substances. PPFE lubricants are ideal for use in vacuum pumps, compressors and valves as sealing and working fluids especially in those systems exposed to aggressive gases.


√ Food and Pharmaceutical Equipment
PFPE lubricants are ideally suited for use in food and pharmaceutical industries as an oven chain and bearing lubricant, especially for high temperature applications. They offer outstanding properties like stable performance in extreme temperatures, reduced friction and wear while extending equipment life in severe duty applications, non-toxic, no decomposition and no carbon residue, resistant to acidic or caustic cleaners, steam, moisture, ease of maintenance and reduced service time with less risk of downtime.

√ Automotive Industry
PFPE is the ideal lubrication solution for the automotive industry, meeting lubrication challenges by providing the best possible performance for demanding applications.

Learn more about PPFE lubricant applications in automotive Industry, Please contact us.

√ Electronics/Semiconductors
PFPE oils are deal lubricants for vacuum pumps in harsh environments such as semiconductor processing, and are ideal vacuum pump oils in wafer manufacturing processing such as dry etching and CVD.

√ Electrical
PFPE lubricants have excellent electrical properties and extremely wide operating temperature range. They are used to lubricate electrical switches and connectors

√ Magnetic Recording Media Lubication
PFPE derivatives are well known lubricants for the Magnetic Recording Media industry. They are used as top lubricant on the HD drive surface to prevent damaged on the disk surface.

√ Uranium Enrichment
PFPE has a good resistance to radiations. It is the only choice that be used for the lubrication of gears in UF6 ultracentrifuges.

√ Aerospace, Aeronautics and Defense
PFPE lubricants are clear, colorless fluorinated synthetic oils that are non-reactive, non-flammable, safe in chemical and oxygen service, and long-lasting. They can be applied on seals, valves, oxygen devices, O-Rings, threads, pumps, etc. And PFPE lubricants have been a critical part of the space programs of both the United States (NASA) and the European Space Agency. 


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