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Applications for PFPE Fluids

PFPE Fluids is a family of PFPE Oils that has lower molecular weight, boiling point and viscosity. They are a line of high-performance, inert, fluorinated fluids used as heat transfer and for various high-tech applications in the Electrical & Electronics and Semiconductors markets.


√ Heat Transfer Fluids
The main purpose of a process cooling fluid is to control or maintain the constant temperature of the wafer to a certain set point in order to avoid potential material damage.

They can be used in the Semiconductor, Electronic, Fuel cells and Solar Energy Industry.


√ Electronic Reliability Testing Fluids
Non-reactivity, excellent dielectric properties, non-toxicity, non-flammability, and non-solvent features make PFPE electronic fluids suitable for electronic reliability testing including thermal shock and hermetic seal testing.


√ Vapor Phase Soldering Fluids
Vapor Phase Soldering (VPS) uses the latent heat of condensation of PFPE vapors in order to melt solder paste and hence to obtain reliable metal joints.

PFPE is a line of fully fluorinated fluids specifically designed for the VPS process with narrow molecular weight distribution and strong carbon-fluorine bond, their precise vapor temperature eliminates overheating, offering the widest temperature range.


√ Cleaning Solvents
PFPE fluids are clear, colorless, odorless and non-toxic liquids. They have proven to be the ideal cleaning solutions due to their low surface tension

and ability to quickly and effectively wash away contaminants. PFPE fluids can be used in critical industries such as electronics and semiconductors.


√ Acid Spill Mitigation

PFPE Fluids have excellent chemical inertness, are highly hydrophobic, have a high density while still lower than oleum, and are non-flammable. In addition, PFPE fluids are completely immiscible with oleum.

PFPEs can be a suitable solution to create a continuous blanket material for oleum, sulphuric trioxide and sulphuric acid spill mitigation.


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