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HFE Applictions & Selection Guide

HFE Fluids are versatile, non-flammable fluids with a wide range of boiling points, excellent materials compatibility and thermal stability. They offer a wide margin of safety, zero ozone depletion potential (ODP), low global warming potential (GWP) and short atmospheric lifetime. HFE fluids are excellent alternatives to replace trichloroethylene (TCE), hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) , n-propyl bromide (nPB), or hydrofluorocarbon (HFC). In addition, HFE fluids are easy to store and transport. They are widely used in many industries, like Aerospace, Electronics, Semiconductors, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive and etc.
Used as Cleaning Agent
Clean semiconductor etch cavities and parts, remove fluorinated residues;
Clean FOUPs (front opening universal pods) and flip chips;
Clean printed circuit boards (PCBs) after soldering;
Clean servicing oxygen systems in aerospace industry;
Clean optical parts, assemblies, displays and fiber optics;
Clean critical parts for fuel injection, ABS brakes, compressors, relays, sensors and switches in automotive industry;
Clean medical devices, etc.

Used as Solvent
Used for electronic reliability testing including thermal shock and hermetic seal testing.
Used for the deposition of lubricants, as well as coatings, on a substrate;
Used as reaction solvent and analytical extraction solvent, etc.

Used as Heat Transfer Fluid
Immersion cooling for data centers;
Immersion cooling for voltage-changing power electronics;
Semiconductor wafer and equipments cooling;
Military and aerospace electronics cooling, etc.


Applications Recommended Products
Cleaning Light-duty cleaning
(Ionic soils, Light hydrocarbon,Particulates,Fluorinated lubricants)
Medium to heavy-duty cleaning
(Lubricants, Low melting point waxes, Silcones, Fluoro silicones, Solder flux residue)
Heavy-duty cleaning
(Heavy oils, greases, waxes, fluxes)
Bi-solvent cleaning system, use low-volatility organic solvents to remove soils first, and then rinse with HFE fluids, like CL7100、CL7100EL、CL7200、CL7200EL or CL71IPA
Drying Water Removal CL71IPA
Rinsing and Drying CL7100、CL7200
Carrier Solvents Lubricant Deposition CL7100、CL7100EL、CL7200、CL7200EL、CL7300、CL7300EL、CL7500、CL71DE、CL72DE
Silicone Deposition CL71DA、CL71DE、CL72DA、CL72DE、CL71IPA
Coating Solvent CL7100、CL7100EL、CL7200、CL7200EL、CL7300、CL7300EL、CL7500、CL71IPA
Heat Transfer Fluids   CL7100、CL7200、CL7300、CL7500




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